02 October 2006

Friday Knitting party

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Oh, Meg, your story about that lady with the chunky sweater makes me so angry. It is beyond stupid and very unjust. It’s really offensive when people insult your art like that, especially after the hours you put in. I just think some people don’t get it….you know, that making a sweater on large needles with large yarn might be a little thick? Grrr. It reminds me of people who want me to sew them a dress out of poly/cotton quilting fabric and expect it to look like silk. SHE picked out the materials; SHE should expect a chunky sweater.

Maybe some photos will make you feel better.
From Friday:

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Wee and Meg knit away. Have we introduced Wee? Wee is Peg's roommate, a jedi of the vertically challenged order (TM Teresa). We love Wee. Wee is an excellent and very prolific knitter.

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Meg and Peg, hard at work. Peg appears to be the living death because she just got lots of blood taken.

It was nice to randomly see you today. I apologize for my lack of skirt. Move in went well, everything is finally in place. I think we need to celebrate with a apartment warming knitting party- I am done my sleeves but need to join/make a kangaroo pocket.



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