28 September 2006

Oh, The Unjustice Of It All!


Do you recall StS? Of course you do, I wrote about in the last post, about how it was ruining my life. I finished the blasted thing, took it home (of course forgot my camera, so I took pictures with my phone that I have yet to e-mail to myself and get onto my computer) and it was mailed the next day. The woman it was for got it, HATED IT, and mailed it back an hour later without even calling to say what was wrong with it. The only reason we even know she doesn't like it is because my mom called out to the other office where this woman works to see if she'd gotten it. Mind you, this is supposed to be a professional business, international company and all. The woman's daughter (it's pretty family run and oriented) picks up the phone and mom asks how her mom likes it.

The daughter says "well, can't you hear her?" It's a phone, moron, we can't hear what you hear.

My mom replies "no, what is she saying?"

To which the daughter says at least 3 times "She hates it, she's cussing out in the warehouse, she hates it."

Cussing. In a business! Apparently even using words that you've probably never heard of (I've not heard of some of them, and that's quite surprising).

Mom asks "Well, what's wrong with it?

The reply? "The sleeves are too chunky, she's sending it back to be fixed and expects it to look like a normal sweater when it comes back."

COMPLETE INCOMPETENT MORONS!!! The mother had insisted I use size 15 needles and chunky yarn. What did she expect, a lace weight sweater? She'd seen the entire body (which is also chunky, mind you) and supposedly hadn't had a problem with it.

I designed this sweater completely on my own, with nothing to follow except gauge. It will be a cold day in hell before she gets THIS sweater back. We're mailing her a check for the amount she's already paid and that's that. I have enough other people to knit for without worrying about this psycho. She can make her own damn sweater. If you're going to make me use size 15 needles (which I don't like very much, by the way) and chunky yarn, well, then you're going to get a chunky knit. It is in the laws of knitting, and could probably be included under the laws of physics as well. If she would have even been civil about it, I could have tried to rip the sleeves out and make them smaller (but that probably would have looked worse) or I would have tried to reason with her about how this knitting stuff works and the chunky yarn, big needles, etc. Oh, but no. She had to throw a temper tantrum (and this woman is in her 50s, at least, maybe even 60s) so she doesn't get a sweater to match her sheep. I get a sweater to match her sheep. And when the sting of this goes away, I'll wear the thing to school and you can give me your opinion on if the sleeves are too chunky.

bloody hell, people.

In happier news, I finished, and blocked, the lilies of the valley shawl from spring 2004 Spin-Off. My grandmother is wearing it to her 80th birthday party. With that, I don't feel a complete knitting failure. Just partly one. Sigh.


PS-thank goodness for the knitting party tomorrow, I need some knitting friends!


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