16 September 2006

As Time Goes By ...


Life is getting quite busy, and I can't find the camera that goes with the batteries I have. I have the other camera, but I lost the charger for that one. Too bad I can't combine the two and have one that just completely works! Anyway, the point is that I can't take pictures of anything until I get the camera situation sorted out. I finished the pink cotton chenille scarf for Nick's grandmother, making splendid progress on the blue Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran one for his mother and almost finished with Sean the Sheep, which is the bane of my life. When I get this done, I'm celebrating. I don't know how I'm celebrating, but I'm celebrating. And not making anything like this again. Knitting for a profit just doesn't agree with me. I love to knit, but I have to want to make the projects. Such as the scarves for Nick's family, the dishcloths for everyone else, etc. Sean the Sheep? Not so much. I'm just not feeling the love for this project.

Enough of that. I'm really loving the mohair pastel stole I'm making with the intention of wearing it in front of the Eiffel Tower. That's my goal. I have to finish it. Must. Finish. I went into DCE last week with the avowed intention of only buying the last 2 skeins of the mohair. I left with the two skeins, two skeins of Dark Horse yarn to make a baby blanket for Jenni and James and the most expensive shawl pin in the store. Me going there is a bad idea. I decided I simply must get the pin because it really is quite gorgeous (and if I could find a camera, I could show you as well without having to bring/wear it to Duquesne) and I liked how it looked with the stole (the one skein I had knitted). At least I have it now, and don't have to get another one, even though I probably will at some point. I have two skeins of the stole finished, and I started the third. This is the fastest I've gotten through a project in quite awhile! It's amazing what trying to avoid one project will do for the others ...

Alas, I have 2 exams coming up this week and not enough time to study as I work tomorrow and again on Thursday. I must make my time until then really count. Thankfully, I'm just reading the book now so I work on the sleeves of StS and don't really notice how much I dislike them until I take a break, but then I'm so pleased that I got something accomplished that it almost makes up for the fact that I'm working on a project for which I have no passion. Almost, but not quite. Until next time ...


PS-Knitting party Friday night after the Pharma-something exam from 3-4?


At 8:50 AM, Blogger Meg and Peg said...

Everything sounds GORGEOUS!

And how are you celebrating? My suggestion is: buy more yarn!

I know what you means about doing something you love for profit. I hate sewing for other people, unless it's for charity.

I can't wait to see how the mohair stole is coming along. I think you need to focus on that one: people are pregnant for a long tiem. You'll get the baby blanket finished eventually!

Come over on Friday. I have .40 mac and cheese and a new project to start. It'll be a party.

Love, Peg


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