08 September 2006


So Peg, I made a journey to DCE today. It couldn't come close to the Wednesday trip to DCE, but I needed more mohair. I concluded that a scarf did not do justice to that yarn and I decided to rip it out and turn it into a stole that I can wear with winter white to get a lovely picture taken in front of the Eiffel tower. Whilst on the trolley, I proceeded to rip out and get strange looks from the populace surrounding me. One person even picked up and moved to the other end. Poor guy, couldn't handle the heaps of feather-light, pastel, Easter egg colored yarn surrounding me. I say that's perfectly fine, more room for my massive bag and yarn! I think I might need to meander down on Monday and get the last two skeins, fancy coming? Or do you have that inconvenience called class?

While down there, I also concluded that I am making baby blankets for my pregnant friends out of the dark horse yarn. It's acrylic, and that doesn't make me happy, but the softness does. For the one friend, this will just be a preliminary present, and for the other it will probably be the main present.

Work tomorrow, bedtime for me (meaning knit and read time, of course!). Happy Belated Birthday!


At 2:27 PM, Blogger Meg and Peg said...

Yay Meg! The blog is up! I will find something to post about soon- peppermints I think.

I can't get my photos to upload on webshots. I am thinking of facebook but only as a last resort!


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