12 September 2006

Noro Yarn

I’m posting twice in a row because I’m so happy I found a photo uploader place that is not facebook or webshots.
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I really enjoy Noro yarn. The striping, the colors, the fibre, everything – I love it all. This baby blanket has been a work in progress since, uh, April of 2004. I started it on a mission trip to Immokalee, Florida, with the intentions to make an adult-sized afghan out of four blocks. I doubt I’ll ever be able to justify the expensive of making four of these, so a baby blanket it is. Since there are no babies in my life I’ll probably end up just draping it over the sofa or something. It’s made of Silk garden, no two skeins alike- but I might end it with that same rusty colored skein I started with. And yes, it needs some SERIOUS blocking when it’s done!

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The Diet Coke of Evil yarn store, which you see in the last post, sold me a skein of this sock yarn- 50 grams. I asked the shopkeeper, ‘This is so expensive…will it make a pair?’ She assured me it would. Lies! I ended up paying 24.00 for this pair of socks for a friend, and only ended up giving her one on her birthday.

Dear Meg, we did not have our knitting party this Monday and this is very sad. I think we need to have a P&P knitting party soon- perhaps maybe the abridged Colin Firth-only version?

Love, Peg


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